Running Fedora 33 in a Itronix Go Book VR-2

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Running Fedora 33 in a Itronix Go Book VR-2

I own a Itronix GoBook VR-2 laptop, all works out of the box Fedora-33, except ACPI, ACPI sort of works randomly in FreeBSD but sometimes it locks up at boot. To be able to boot I need to add the following options, pressing ‘e’ on the boot up menu.

acpi=off nolapic 

Development environment setup

I have chosen and I’m pretty conformtable with the following setup:

Packages Installed

install neovim google-noto-emoji-color-fonts.noarch git zsh fira-code-fonts hexchat unzip screen mupdf zeal calibre pavucontrol alsa-plugins-pulseaudio alsa-utils pandoc terminus-fonts xterm xorg-x11-server-Xorg xorg-x11-xinit xorg-x11-xkb-utils xorg-x11-drv-synaptics-legacy NetworkManager-wifi cwm dmenu feh qutebrowser iwl*-firmware net-tools

Productivy tools

  • cwm
  • zeal
  • ulauncher (extensions zdocs, to search using zeal)
  • hyper (font Fira Code)
  • zsh (oh my zsh plugins : git, vim-mode)
  • Calibre
  • neovim

CWM setup

# automatically add new windows to the current group
sticky yes
# snap windows to edges at 4 pixels distance
snapdist 4

# set font for menus
fontname "fixed:pixelsize=13:style=semicondensed"

# remove all default keybindings
unbind-key all

# 4 = mod (windows key)
# S = shift
# C = control
# M = meta (alt)

# mod + enter = new xterm
bind-key 4-Return xterm
# ctrl + alt + L = lock screen (xlock)
bind-key CM-l lock
# mod + backspace = hide window
bind-key 4-BackSpace window-hide

# mod + down arrow = lower window's focus
bind-key 4-Down window-lower
# mod + up arrow = raise window's focus
bind-key 4-Up window-raise
# mod/alt + tab = cycle through current windows
bind-key 4-Tab window-cycle
bind-key M-Tab window-cycle
# mod/alt + shift + tab = same thing in reverse
bind-key 4S-Tab window-rcycle
bind-key MS-Tab window-rcycle
# mod + w = kill window
bind-key 4-w window-delete
# set a window's label
bind-key 4-n window-menu-label

# mod + $N = show only windows for group $N
# (you can think of this as switching to virtual desktop $N)
bind-key 4-1 group-only-1  
bind-key 4-2 group-only-2
bind-key 4-3 group-only-3
bind-key 4-4 group-only-4
bind-key 4-5 group-only-5
bind-key 4-6 group-only-6
bind-key 4-7 group-only-7
bind-key 4-8 group-only-8
bind-key 4-9 group-only-9

# mod + shift +$N = move window to group $N
bind-key 4S-1 window-movetogroup-1
bind-key 4S-2 window-movetogroup-2
bind-key 4S-3 window-movetogroup-3
bind-key 4S-4 window-movetogroup-4
bind-key 4S-5 window-movetogroup-5
bind-key 4S-6 window-movetogroup-6
bind-key 4S-7 window-movetogroup-7
bind-key 4S-8 window-movetogroup-8
bind-key 4S-9 window-movetogroup-9

# mod + A = toggle showing windows from all groups
bind-key 4-a group-toggle-all
# mod + G = toggle current window's group membership
bind-key 4-g window-group

# mod + right arrow = cycle through the window groups
# (you can think of this as switching to the next virtual desktop)
bind-key 4-Right group-cycle
# mod + left arrow = same thing in reverse
bind-key 4-Left group-rcycle
# mod + S = stick current window to be visible in all groups
bind-key 4-s window-stick

# mod + F = make current window fullscreen
bind-key 4-f window-fullscreen
# mod + M = maximize current window
bind-key 4-m window-maximize
# mod + equals = maximize window in vertical direction only
bind-key 4-equal window-vmaximize
# mod + shift + equals = maximize window in horizontal direction only
bind-key 4S-equal window-hmaximize

# mod + H,J,K,L = move window left, down, up, right 10 pixels
bind-key 4-h window-move-left-big
bind-key 4-j window-move-down-big
bind-key 4-k window-move-up-big
bind-key 4-l window-move-right-big

# mod + shift + H,J,K,L = resize window left, down, up, right by 10
bind-key 4S-h window-resize-left-big
bind-key 4S-j window-resize-down-big
bind-key 4S-k window-resize-up-big
bind-key 4S-l window-resize-right-big

# mod + V = tile windows vertically, current window to the left
bind-key 4-v window-vtile
# mod + V = tile windows horizontally, current window to the top
bind-key 4-c window-htile

# mod + / = show popup menu of current windows
bind-key 4-slash menu-window
# mod + d = show popup menu to run a command (configured below)
bind-key 4-d 'dmenu_run -fn "Mono:size=10" -nb "#282828" -nf "#ebdbb2" -sb "#1d2021" -sf "#fe8019"'

# mod + ? = show popup menu to run an arbitrary command
bind-key 4-question menu-exec
# mod + . = show popup menu of known ssh hosts to connect to
bind-key 4-period menu-ssh

# mod + shift + R = restart cwm, reloading configuration
bind-key 4S-r restart
# mod + shift + E = log out
bind-key 4S-e quit

# unbind default mouse actions
unbind-mouse M-1
unbind-mouse CM-1
unbind-mouse M-2
unbind-mouse M-3
unbind-mouse CMS-3

# mod + left click drag = move window
bind-mouse 4-1 window-move
# mod + right click drag = resize window
bind-mouse 4-3 window-resize
# mod + middle click = lower window's focus
bind-mouse 4-2 window-lower
# mod + shift + middle click = hide window
bind-mouse 4S-2 window-hide


# use UTF-8 everywhere
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

# load Xresources file
xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xresources

# set your background color
xsetroot -solid dimgray

# disable system beep
xset b off

# use caps lock as ctrl key
setxkbmap -option caps:swapescape

# wallpaper 
feh --bg-fill -z ~/Pictures &

# run ulauncher, quick key is ctrl+space
ulauncher &

# start cwm!
exec cwm