I have been replicated this same setup a couple of times during last year, using FreeBSD jails and on illumos SmartOS zones, as I’m trying to learn more about illumos zones and FreeBSD jails.
7 min read
I’m using OpenBSD as my daily driver on my old packard bell dot s laptop, is a nice laptop and OpenBSD works perfectly out of the box.
2 min read
I’m using voidlinux on my laptop and server, so I wanted to start using the current dynamic tracers on Linux as been used to use Dtrace on illumos and FreeBSD, so here is to make it work on voidlinux.
1 min read
Testing LXD containers I’m creating my lab environment using the current technology available or that I know of: FreeBSD jails illumos zones (Using Omniosce) Linux LXD This writeup will be about how I managed to setup LXD for running the same workloads.
3 min read
In illumos, zones (which are based on FreeBSD jails) are configured through ZONECFG(1M). On which you could specify an option called allowed-address, this option gives a zone a fixed IP address that users cannot change.
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